Since we opened in 2000, Fogarty’s has made a name for itself as the best place on the island for great food, great drinks, and great service. The Fogarty Mansion is directly off of Duval Street in the heart of downtown Key West.

You might know us for our famous Flying Monkeys frozen drinks, or maybe for our homemade Key Lime Pie!

Our name comes from Dr. Joseph Norman Fogarty, who was mayor of Key West in 1912 when the Overseas Railroad was completed. Fogarty used his spacious courtyard for throwing lavish parties, which were famous for attracting guests like Henry Flagler, William Howard Taft, and Grover Cleveland. Today, we’re keeping that tradition alive by offering a great Key West experience and world-renowned parties to this day!

Our most famous event is the Red Party, which we host every year as part of Key West’s Fantasy Fest. All of the proceeds from the Red Party go to supporting Key West schools, teachers, and students. Fantasy Fest only comes once a year, but you can find our full family-friendly experience and fantastic service all year round. Join us for a great menu and huge portions at the best stop on Duval Street!

Call us at:

(305) 294-7525